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Does Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Track What You Watch? You Asked, We Answer

Recently online privacy has taken center stage around the world. This has resulted in many writing into Cord Cutters News to ask if their favorite services are tracking what they are doing. So does Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services track what you watch? Yes, they track that and likely more. How do we know? […]

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netflix Stranger Things

Netflix is Considering a New Price Hike

Would you pay more for Netflix? We Netflix is looking into the possibility. During Netflix’s first quarter 2018 earnings call Netflix was asked about the possibility of a price hike. During the call Netflix did not deny plans to once again raise their price. “You really have to earn it first by doing spectacular content that […]

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Why Are HSN & QVC Not on DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, & Others? You Asked, We Answer

Two of the networks people seem to really want to see added to many streaming services are shopping networks such as HSN and QVC. For many, it may seem strange, but for others who enjoy watching these shopping networks, they are in demand. Yet while millions of people watch HSN and QVC most major streaming […]

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Cheddar News

Sling TV & Philo Will Be Adding Cheddar Big News “Within Weeks”

Today it was announced that YouTube TV has added Cheddar and Cheddar Big News. Now Cheddar has announced that Sling TV and Philo will add Cheddar Big News “within weeks.” “We cover the big political stories of the day but don’t torture viewers with circular panels of supposed ‘expert political analysts’,” said Jon Steinberg, Founder […]

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