The Iron Lady

10 Free Movie You Should Watch This Weekend

The weekend is here and so are free movies! So let’s take a look at 10 great free movies you can watch right now.

The Iron Lady – VUDU

THE IRON LADY is a surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher (Two-time Oscar® winner Meryl Streep), the first Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. One of the 20th century’s most famous and influential women, Thatcher came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated world.

You can find the Iron Lady on VUDU here:!content/288511/The-Iron-Lady

School of Rock – Tubi TV

In this feel-good comedy, Jack Black stars as a guitarist with delusions of grandeur. Kicked out of his band and looking for work, he becomes a substitute teacher and turns his class of kids into hardcore rock and rollers.

You can find the School of Rock on Tubi TV here:

The Art of War – Crackle

Shaw is an operative for the United Nations’ covert dirty-tricks squad, using espionage and quasi-ethical tactics to secure peace and cooperation. When a shipping container full of dead Vietnamese refugees turns up on the docks and China’s ambassador is gunned down at a dinner celebrating a new trade agreement with China and the US, Shaw is framed for the murder and must evade the FBI and Triad gangsters to find out what is really going on.

Teen Wolf – Tubi TV

A teenage boy’s incredible werewolf powers improve the quality of his life in dramatic and hilarious ways.

You can watch Teen Wolf on Tubi TV here:

AVP: Alien Vs. Predator – Crackle

The iconic creatures from two of the scariest film franchises ever made battle for supremacy–on Earth. The discovery of an ancient pyramid buried under the Antarctic ice sends a team of scientists and adventurers to the frozen continent. Once there, curiosity turns to terror as two devastating alien races wage war, with the fate of humanity in the balance. Whoever wins…we lose.

You can watch Alien Vs. Predator on Crackle here:

The Prize Winner – Tubi TV

Julianne Moore stars in this heartfelt drama based on a true story. In order to support her ten children, Evelyn Ryan (Julianne Moore) enters a commercial jingle-writing contest.

You can watch The Prize Winner on Tubi TV here:

Joe Dirt – Crackle

Ditched by his parents as a child, Joe Dirt (David Spade) has had to raise himself. Now grown up and working as a janitor Joe sets out to find the parents who abandoned him. Along the way, he befriends a high school janitor (Christopher Walken), an alligator trainer (Rosanna Arquette), the beautiful but untouchable Brandy (Brittany Daniel), and Robby (Kid Rock), Joe’s rival for her attention. Eventually Joe makes his way to Los Angeles, where a shock-jock (Dennis Miller) brings him on his radio show to make fun of him. But as Joe recounts his story, listeners are captivated, and an entire city starts to tune in daily to hear the adventures of Joe Dirt. Soon audiences worldwide join to help this unlikely hero unearth the mystery of his family’s disappearance–with startling results.

You can watch Joe Dirt on Crackle here:

The Last Stand – Tubi TV

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this high-octane action-thriller about a small border-town sheriff who makes a defiant stand to stop a fugitive on the run from the FBI.

You can watch The Last Stand on Tubi TV here:

The Legend of Bruce Lee – VUDU

The story of the legendary martial arts icon Bruce Lee, following him from Hong Kong to America and back again, leading up to his tragic death at the age of 32.

You can watch The Legend of Bruce Lee on VUDU here:!content/177512/The-Legend-of-Bruce-Lee

Life of Crime – Tubi TV

A pampered housewife (Jennifer Aniston) is kidnapped by a pair of blundering ex-cons in an effort to extort money from her sleazy real-estate tycoon husband (Tim Robbins).

You can watch Life of Crime on Tubi TV here:

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