10 FREE Trials Every Cord Cutter Should Try

HBO1One of the best thing about cord cutting is the ability to try it before you buy it; unlike with cable, which would never let you try their service before paying, cord cutting services are happy to give you a free trial.

So here are 10 great cord cutting services that are so confident in their service that they are happy to give you a free trial.

Sling 7 Day Free Trial

PlayStation Vue 7 Day Free Trial

Starz 7 Day Free Trial

CuriosityStream 7 Day Free Trial

Dove Family Safe Entertainment 7 Day Free Trial

History Vault 7 Day Free Trial

Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial

HBO Now 30 Day Free Trial

ShowTime 7 Day Free Trial

CBS All Access 7 Day Free Trial

My suggestion is to give these free trials a go one at a time. After one runs out try something different. No need to pay for something you do not want. Only want HBO Now for “Game of Thrones?” When the show ends just end your subscription. Unlike with cable there are no 2-year contracts to get the shows you want.

Do you have a service with a free trial you want to recommend? Post it in the comments so everyone can give it a try.

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