16 Million Americans Now Use an Antenna for Cord Cutting

This week, Nielsen released a look at how over-the-air TV is playing into TV viewing right now. According to that report, in 2018, 16 million American households used an antenna to watch TV. This is up from 11 million in 2010.

What was most interesting in the report is that 41% of the 16 million Americans who use an antenna did not use a streaming service.

“As of May 2018, 41% of OTA homes are traditional, without a streaming service provider. That means the majority subscribe to a streaming service (59%). Nielsen data paints a vivid picture of these two very different groups, revealing some surprising gaps in age, ethnicity and income. Suffice to say, the only thing these households have in common is the absence of cable cords and satellite dishes.”

The study also said 8% of Americans who use an antenna do so alongside a live TV streaming service like Philo or Sling TV. It seems 8% of antenna owners do so to get channels their live TV streaming service does not offer.

It was not that long ago that antenna TV was a dying method to consume TV. Now antennas are seeing a new golden age. Not only are antenna usage and sales up, but a new 3.0 OTA TV standard is also almost here. This new standard will bring 4K OTA TV and better reception among other features.

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