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The 1994 STARGATE Movie is FREE on YouTube (Legally)

MGM has posted the 1994 STARGATE Movie free on YouTube:

This seems to be part of an effort to promote a new Stargate streaming service and a Stargate spinoff called Stargate Origins.

You can still get access to “Stargate SG1” and other great Stargate shows from services such as Hulu. It does not look like MGM plans to pull its shows from Hulu but wants to offer something new for its dedicated fans.

This new service is called Stargate Command and gives you access to every Stargate show, the Stargate 1994 movie, and exclusive videos only available on Stargate Command. You will also get early access to the new spinoff series that MGM Studios is working on called “Stargate Origins.”

The best part is this all costs you as best that we can tell just a one-time fee of $20. Not a bad deal if you are a dedicated Stargate fan.

According to the website, you will get the following:

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