35% of Americans Under 30 Have Never Paid For Cable TV

In new research it is seen that Millennials are not only getting rid of their pay TV subscriptions in order to save money but many have never paid for it. But there’s a significant subset of Millennials who have never paid for a cable or satellite TV subscription in their adult lives.

These people are more common than you might think. A recent Pew Research Center survey put them at 9 percent of the population.

For young Millennials, that share is even higher. A stunning 35 percent of adults 18-29 are cord nevers, says Kelly Scott Madison, a Chicago agency that recently published a report delving into Millennials’ media habits.

“This is the group to watch because their tolerance for limited access to new and mainstream TV inventory is high and their entertainment choices are driven by cost effectiveness and an on-demand approach to content,” says the report.

Yet this is not just Millennials as Baby Boomers have also been cutting the cord. A recent survey from TCL found that “cost savings” and “flexibility of viewing” are of utmost importance for 75 percent of Americans when it comes to owning a smart TV. That desire for cost savings and flexibility has driven one in five baby boomers to become cord cutters.

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