4 Things Coming to Hulu in 2019 – Offline Viewing, Disney, & More

2018 was a big year for Hulu with a ton of new features and content added. 2019 looks like it will be an even bigger year for Hulu. So, today, I explore some of the biggest things to look for in 2019 from Hulu.

Offline Viewing

Earlier this year, Hulu announced that they were working on Offline Viewing. It was reportedly going to be added to Hulu in late 2018 or 2019. Now 2019 looks most likely for this new offline mode to be added.

Look for the Offline Viewing option to be added to Hulu in 2019. When is unknown, and the feature could be limited at launch because not all of Hulu’s content partners may support the option.


In 2019 Disney will likely be closing on their deal to buy most of FOX including FOX’s share of Hulu. Then, Hulu will have a majority owner for the first time since launch. It is also reported that Comcast and AT&T are interested in selling their shares of Hulu to Disney resulting in Disney’s 100% ownership of Hulu.

In the short term little will change for Hulu after Disney takes over; however, Disney has said they plan to make Disney+ their family-friendly service with Hulu focused on an older audience.

New User Interface

Hulu has slowly been updating their user interface with new features in 2018. Now, with a new team running Hulu’s user experience, look for even more changes coming to the Hulu user interface.

New Content Deals

In 2018 Hulu added a huge number of new shows and movies. Hulu has already announced new Hulu Originals in 2019 but look for other content deals as Hulu fights to stand out from Amazon and Netflix.

These are just the changes we know are coming to Hulu. Look for even more changes to happen as 2019 gets underway.

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