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Review: Channel Master DVR+ – The Contract Free DVR

If you are looking for a simple way to set up DVR for cord cutting that has no monthly fee then the Channel Master DVR+ is the DVR for you.

Unlike most DVRs on the market that work for cord cutting the Channel Master DVR+ gives you a 14-day channel guide with no monthly fee. It is also basic and straightforward, making it easy for anyone to use.

The model I reviewed has a dual tuner, allowing you to record two shows at once or record one show while watching a different show.

If you have ever used a DVR from a cable company, you will be right at home with the Channel Master DVR+. You have the ability to record just one show, all new shows, or every show of a series you have selected. You can also create a manual recording, which is great for recording sports.

The Channel Master DVR+ also has built-in streaming apps, like VUDU and YouTube, reducing the need for other boxes; however, the lack of big names like Netflix and Amazon on the device does mean most cord cutters will need a second box.

The Channel Master also requires an external USB dongle for Wi-Fi and an external hard drive to record shows. The external hard drive is nice because you can buy any hard drive you want.


  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Very responsive controls
  • Free 14-day channel guide


  • Does not have a whole-home DVR option

This is an excellent DVR for anyone who wants something simple with no long-term cost.

You can buy the Channel Master DVR+ on Amazon here:

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  • Greg

    Nothing beats simple tv especially how cheap they can be had now.

  • HeyRadar

    Until it supports whole home, is not an option.

  • Randy Spears

    I’ve had a Channel Master DVR+ for several months now and am very satisfied with it. It works like a charm, but it has a few downsides (besides the cost):
    1. It’s program guide is not smart enough to know a program has been pushed back due to other programming (e.g. a sporting event runs long)
    2. It’s tuner is just adequate.

    My wife does most of our recording and she likes the simple interface. We like the dual tuners a great deal.

  • ron4tx

    I am very pleased with the Channel Master DVR+ as it replaces the cable company DVR quite nicely.
    I am able to pause and rewind live TV and fast forward up to “live”.
    The “record” function also works the same as a cable company’s DVR.

    Does it also replace a streaming device like Roku? No.
    It does provide access to Sling but not Playstation Vue, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
    The “free” internet channels provided by Channel Master (like WGN, Newsy, and Newsmax) are not HD quality and buffer frequently.

    My recommendation: Get the Channel Master DVR+ and the Roku Premiere. You’ll be happy with both.