43% of Americans Are Considering Canceling Their Paid TV Services

Digitalsmiths Consumer Survey and Trends Report Points recently came out with some very interesting numbers for the cord cutters movement. Bellow we have some of the highlights that may interest you.

43% are considering changing or canceling their paid TV services in the next 6 months. (Funny this is the same number of people who have had their bill go up in the last year.)

16.6% have already decreased their service. From that group 46% cut their TV package and 48.1% canceled a premium channel package.

19.6% are unhappy with their current paid TV provider.

Nearly 50% watch less than 2 hours per day.

80.3% watch 10 or less channels.

45.3% of pay for a online video services like Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Netflix leads the market with 39% of Americans.

Cord Cutters News Summary: This survey shows the continue creep of cord cutting into American households. With 43% of Americans consider their cable services and 45.3% already having a paid subscription to services like Netflix and Hulu we think its safe to say 43% of Americans already have one foot in the door to cut the cord. I also find it interesting that about 50% of Americans watch less than 2 hours of TV a day. That group seams prime to reject the recently announced price hikes from pales like DirecTV in favor of cheaper cord cutting options.

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