How to Power Your Fire TV with a USB Cable

Have you ever wanted to power your Fire TV through your TV’s USB plug? Well, now you can thanks to the Mission Power USB Cable for Powering Fire TVs (Note this only works for the Fire TV 2).

At first we were skeptical whether it would work, especially as the Fire TV 2 4k needs more power than the USB can put off. However, the Mission Power USB Cable has an effective “power management system” that takes care of that problem.

Here is how Mission Power describe it:

Includes Special Power Management Circuitry

Mission Power USB cable includes proprietary circuitry that stores excess power from the USB port and then releases it during brief intervals when the Fire TV power load exceeds the power output capability of the USB port. In this way the Mission Power USB power cable is able to increase the peak power capability of your TV’s USB port. With Mission Power, even low power 500mA USB ports can support the peak power requirements required for downloading and watching videos, gaming, etc.

Sleep Timer

A great thing about this product is it uses your TV’s sleep timer to turn the Fire TV off shortly after the TV turns off. No longer do you have to stay up to stop your WatchESPN stream, or surrender to having it run all night eating into your data cap. With the Mission Power USB cable you just set your TV’s sleep timer and fall asleep.

The only shortcoming we can find in this product is your Fire TV will not auto update as long as you are powering it with the Mission Power USB cable. The Fire TV typically updates when it is not in use, but since this product turns the Fire TV off when not in use, there is no way for it to update. Therefore, you will need to randomly check for updates in the menu. However, this is a minor issue compared to the convenience of mounting your Fire TV behind your TV and not having to hide a power cable.

You can buy the Mission Power USB Cable on Amazon here:

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One Response to How to Power Your Fire TV with a USB Cable

  1. clocks December 11, 2015 at 2:07 pm #

    I was close to buying the Roku version, but then they raised the price a couple weeks ago. Now the FTV version is even more expensive.