4x More People Are Trying to Cancel Disney+ Than Netflix

Worried woman reading paperWhen Disney+ launched the talk was all about how this would take a huge bite out of Netflix subscriber numbers. Now according to the research group LightShed Partners, right now four times as many people are googling how to cancel Disney+ than they are searching for how to cancel Netflix.

The question now is as always – will they actually cancel? It is very likely many are simply looking into how to cancel so they don’t get billed once their free year from Verizon or their prepaid 3 year deal comes to an end. While Netflix’s search for how to cancel did go up, it’s still a good sign that it’s still lower than it was earlier this year when more people were looking into how to cancel Netflix.

The real deciding factor will be a year from now. Will Disney+ offer enough new content to justify keeping people subscribed once their prepaid deal comes to an end? Will HBO MAX, Apple TV+, and NBC’s Peacock service slowly steal away Netflix subscribers until Netflix feels the pain?

Have you decided to cancel a service? Is it Netflix, Disney+, or some other service? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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