5 Science, Tech & History Titles to Watch on CuriosityStream

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CuriosityStream is the streaming home of science, technology, and history content, with thousands of titles including originals. Explore your favorite topics, learn about new subjects, and indulge your inner geek with thousands of original and specially selected series, specials, and shorts. In the content library, you’ll find titles about everything from dinosaurs to space travel.

Here are just a few of the titles you’ll be able to stream instantly with your subscription

The History of Home

Actor Nick Offerman narrates this series that takes viewers around the entire universe (yes, universe) to see the past, present, and future of what makes houses homes. From treetop nests to 3-D printed houses on Mars, explore how the history of humankind is deeply entwined with the story of where, how, and why we make our homes.

Secrets of the Solar System

This is the ultimate guide to the solar system told by the passionate explorers who sent spacecraft to explore the Sun, the planets and beyond. From the raging inferno of the Sun all the way to the icy beauty of Pluto, these are surprisingly emotional tales of discovery, illustrated with stunning space imagery.

Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places

This trilogy of programs follows Prof. Stephen Hawking as he explores space and time and searches for the ultimate mystery: the theory of everything. Follow along with theories on time travel and AI and for insights into one man’s genius mind.

A World Without NASA

What would the world look like without NASA? This fun and fascinating Curiosity Stream original series travels back in time to find out how different things would be if NASA had never pushed the limits of science and technology.

American Icons

Go beyond the stories we all learned in history class to hear the unknown stories of some of the most well-known names in American history. Dive deeper into the lives of Babe Ruth, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Edison, and Mark Twain.