53% Of All Media Consumed In The US Comes From Online Sources


The Convergence Consulting Group reports that of all media consumed in the United States 53% of it is online media. 41% of all media consumed by US residents is consumed by online streaming subscriptions. A additional 12% of all media viewed by Americans are downloaded movies.

The Convergence Consulting Group also predicts from a study they finished this month that the US cord cutting population will hit 6.23 million by the end of 2014. That will represent about 6.2% of the US households.

Canadian TV providers are also expected to see a decrease in 2014 of about 32,000. In 2013 Canadian TV providers only added 2,000 viewers  down from 37,000 new subscribers in 2012.

Canadian online content consumption still lags behind the US at only 42%. of all media consumed in Canada.

All the stats in this post come from the Convergence Consulting Group report “The Battle for the North American (US/Canada) Couch Potato: Online & Traditional TV and Movie Distribution” Released April 2014.