55% of People Subscribe to More Than One of the “Big Three” Streaming Services

As streaming becomes more and more popular and the market becomes more and more fractured, it only makes sense that people would start to carry multiple services. 

New research now shows that not only do most people have multiple paid streaming subscriptions, but most people subscribe to more than one of the big three – Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

According to numbers from Leichtman Research Group, 78% of people have a subscription to one of the main three streaming services – a number that’s up from 69% in 2018 and from 52% in 2015. 

But 55% of people actually carry more than one of those three, up from 43% in 2018 and from 20% in 2015. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone is paying for those services. A full 30% of people said they share their Netflix password with someone not in their home (a number that’s in line with other studies), with 23% sharing Hulu and 20% sharing Amazon Prime. 

Not only are people using a bigger variety of services though, but they’re also watching more overall. 40% of all adults in this study say they stream every day, up from 30% in 2018, and from 16% in 2015. Naturally, the younger demographic led the way here, with those aged 18 to 44 making up 63% of daily streamers.

And just in case you’re ready to write cable off totally, it’s worth noting that 58% of television watching households in this study actually subscribe to both streaming and a traditional TV service. Breaking the data down into those who use only streaming or only paid TV though, streaming leads the way at 20% to 16% (the remaining 6% doesn’t pay for either). 

This data was based on a survey of about 1,990 households nationwide and comes from the 2020 edition of Leichtman’s “Emerging Video Services.” This is the 14th annual edition of this study.