5G Home Internet Is Coming to Denver & 16 Other Markets for $50 a Month

This week Cord Cutter News had an opportunity to talk with Starry, a startup from some of the team behind Aereo, which has slowly been rolling out 5G fixed wireless home Internet. Currently Starry offers 5G home Internet in Boston, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York City for $50 a month.

Now Starry has announced that they are working on launching in Denver and 16 other markets around the United States. Once this network goes live Denver residents will have an option to get 5G Internet offering 200 Mbps up and 200 Mbps down for $50 a month with no data caps, fees, or device rentals.

The markets Starry is in now and coming to include Boston, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York City, Denver, Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Memphis, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Manchester, NH, Portland, OR, and Sioux Falls, SD.

Starry told Cord Cutters News that they are also working on improving the customer experience by offering same-day installation and 30-minute service windows so you know when the tech is coming. Not only that but during the installation Starry says they will also connect your Wi-Fi devices to your new network before they leave.

While $50 may seem a fair price, Starry has also announced that they have a program for residents of low-income housing. Right now, Starry is working with owners of low-income housing to give their residents access to the affordable Internet on the Starry 5G network.

The team at Starry did mention that they plan to continue to roll out their service to new areas but for now they are working hard on their goal to get the service out to Denver and 16 other markets. While the network is now being built in Denver and other areas, they did not have a time frame for when the networks will go live.

Correction an earlier version of this story said 250 Mbps down. The correct speed is 200 Mbps.

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