86% of Consumers Own an Internet-Connected TV

As high-speed internet has become a necessity in consumer’s homes, so has the demand for internet-connected TVs. The number of households with CTVs has seen a consistent rise over the last few years, but it’s evening out as market saturation occurs.

In Q2 2021, 86% of broadband households in the U.S. have a CTV according to data from TDG, compared to just 50%b in 2013. However, this year’s statistic is only up 1% since 2020, the smallest growth we’ve seen. That’s because the market is reaching a plateau since most people have already adopted CTVs and Smart TVs for streaming.

“When products and services near saturation, growth declines to the low single digits and the market becomes a zero-sum game in which one operator’s gains are actually the losses of another,” TDG’s report states.

Among those households with a CTV, the most common room for the device is the family or living room. In fact, 83% of households have their smart TV in the common area, up from 77% in 2020. The second most popular room for CTVs in the master bedroom, which saw a big jump from 41% in 2020 to 50% in 2021. The least common rooms for CTVS remain home office (5%), kitchens 3%), and dining rooms (3%)