8BitDo Announces a Pair of Media Remotes for Xbox Consoles

If you’ve been using your Xbox game console as a streaming device on the side, you’ll soon have a couple more input options to choose from. Third-party peripheral maker 8BitDo announced a pair of media remotes that will be compatible with the latest Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, as well as the previous-generation Xbox One.

Slated to ship in September, the Media Remote will come in two flavors: a shorter, 5.3-inch (134.25mm) version and a longer, 7.8-inch (197.5mm) option that adds a full number pad and a few more dedicated buttons. The appropriately named “Short edition” will retail for $19.99, while the “Long edition” will run for $24.99.

Image: 8BitDo

In addition to the number pad, product images suggest the longer model also includes buttons to toggle closed captions, display inputs, and aspect ratio, making it perhaps better suited for Xbox owners looking to consolidate remote controls. Meanwhile, the Short edition includes media playback controls, a directional pad, channel up/down, buttons, and more.

Both models are powered by AAA batteries and, yes, a pair of AAAs are included. 8BitDo’s specs also indicate the Media Remote for Xbox also leverages infrared to communicate with devices. You can find out more over on the company’s product page. And preorders are currently available over on Amazon.

Featured Image: 8BitDo