A New Google Nexus Player Has Been Spotted in FCC Filings

Nexus-PlayerThe Google Nexus Player was the flagship of the Android TV lineup but it never really caught on and now most people think of the Nvidia Shield when they hear Android TV.

Recently Google quietly took down the Nexus Player from their store and many assumed that would be the end of it; however, there seems to be some life left in the Nexus Player.

Liliputing.com has spotted an FCC filing for an updated Google Nexus Player. It shares the same FCC number as the previous player, which likely means there won’t be a big change in the new player, but Liliputing.com reports that they expect the following changes:

  • Modified Wi-Fi antenna layout (with the same type of antenna, but a lower antenna gain than in the original application)
  • Updated system power circuit and layout
  • Updated RF circuit and layout
  • Updated system circuit components including USB, HDMI, and power button.

np_02   np_01

It is likely a new Nexus Player will come with a major update to Android TV similar to how Google releases new Nexus phones with an updated version of Android. It has been speculated that Google has no plans to profit from Nexus devices but sees them as an opportunity to set expectations for what Android TV should look like.

As we learn more we will update this story.

Update: There has been speculation that this is not a new Nexus Player but just a updated filing required by the FCC to comply with new laws. Any changes may just be manufacturing upgrades not a sign of a new Nexus Player. Right now it is all speculation until we see something from Google.

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