A New Showtime and Paramount+ Bundle Will be Available Later This Month

ViacomCBS is planning to release a Showtime and Paramount+ subscription bundle in the next few weeks. Executive Vice President and CFO Naveen Chopra mentioned the news during a Bank of America Securities conference earlier this week.

“We’ve got a Paramount Plus-Showtime bundle that we’ll be launching later this month,” Chopra said. “I think we found interesting ways to create value out of that ecosystem by sampling; by doing promotions; by creating bundles across those different services.”

There are currently no pricing further details released about the bundle except that it will be launching in September.

ViacomCBS currently offers Showtime as an add-on to Paramount+ subscriptions, making the combined cost $13.99 with ad-supported Paramount+ or $18.99 with an ad-free Paramount+ plan.

This news confirms that ViacomCBS won’t be combining Showtime and Paramount+, but instead leveraging the ability to cross-promote them by creating a subscription bundle. Pluto will remain the network’s free, ad-supported service.

“We really like what we can do from a marketing and an acquisition perspective with that portfolio,” Chopra said. “Having all three services does unlock incremental value.”