ABC News Live is Now Available on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung announced today that ABC News will join the Samsung TV Plus lineup, giving the platform 10 free news channels to help viewers stay informed and up to date on news from around the world.

“Samsung TV Plus is all about delivering free and instant access to linear TV and streaming to our enormous community of viewers,” said Salek Brodsky, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development for Samsung Electronics. “The addition of ABC News Live extends our commitment to a wide variety of programming — not just in news, but in sports, entertainment, movies, music, and more.”

Samsung TV Plus is a free service, integrated into all Samsung 2016-2020 Smart TVs, offering users content from 150 channels. The addition of ABC News Live brings another 24/7 news source to the service with coverage of live events, breaking news, in-depth reporting, context and analysis from around the world.

“With no shortage of news headlines from around the world, we’re proud to have ABC News Live’s quality reporting, original programs and coverage of live events and breaking news prominently featured when people first turn on Samsung TV Plus,” said Kaizar Campwala, VP of Business Operations and Insights, Digital Media and Entertainment Distribution. “We see this as an opportunity to deliver the most important issues of the day to Samsung’s highly engaged customers across a multitude of devices.”  

Samsung now has 10 new channels in its lineup:

  • ABC News Live (channel 1007) 
  • CBSN (channel 1005) 
  • NewsNOW from FOX (channel 1006) 
  • Bloomberg TV+ UHD (channel 1015) 
  • Cheddar (channel 1016) 
  • Yahoo Finance (channel 1017)  
  • Newsy (channel 1020) 
  • USA TODAY (channel 1023) 
  • Newsmax TV (channel 1027)  
  • TYT Network (channel 1032)  

Samsung TV Plus is available on 2016 – 2020 Samsung Smart TVs and on Galaxy S10, S20, Note10 and Note 20 devices. For more information, visit the Samsung TV Plus website.