AirTV Promises a Free Update Is Coming to Improve OTA Integration

Did you get an AirTV and notice it was slightly different from the demo we got at CES? We reached out to the AirTV team to ask why the shipped units look different.

Here is the YouTube video we posted of the demo we got at CES 2017:

So what is the issue? As you can see in the YouTube video, it shows over-the-air TV stations mixed in with Sling TV stations; however, boxes being shipped today just have a button in your MY TV section called OTA that would take you to the stations you pick up with your antenna.

When we asked about the difference the AirTV team said there will be an update that will allow for over-the-air stations from your antenna to be shown right next to your Sling TV stations. No date was given for this but hopefully it will be sometime in early 2017.

We do also know that Sling TV is working on an update that will take OTA through the AirTV and bring even more functionality. It plans to allow you to see sports happening on ABC or NBC through your antenna inside the sports tab on your Sling TV app. We expect the same thing to be true for movies in a future update.

So if you got an AirTV, sit tight. An update is coming to make the OTA integration even better.

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