AMA with Mohu Antennas CEO Mark Buff 4 PM EST Today in /r/CordCutters

I am very excited to announce that Mohu CEO Mark Buff has agreed to hold an AMA right here in /r/CordCutters this Thursday at 4 PM EST for one hour. This is a huge opportunity for cord cutters to ask the questions and learn more about Mohu and the current TV market.

If you are unable to attend the AMA post your question here and the top 10 up voted questions will be posted in the AMA. (We have figured out how to post 10 questions quickly with out getting hit by the spam filter again.) If you can’t make it you can ask your questions here:

For verification please watch their twitter account for a announcement about this AMA.

We are very excited that Mohu has agreed to hold a AMA here. We hope that this will continue to be a monthly event of AMA with big names in Cord Cutting. I am already in talks with several companies that have expressed interest in holding AMA right here in /r/CordCutters. Keep a eye on the subReddit for more details.