Amazon, Apple, & Google Team Up to Make Your Smart Home Work Together

Right now, if you want to have a smart home, you need to pick from one of three main camps: Amazon, Apple, or Google. For many, you will find that devices that works with Amazon’s Alexa assistant won’t work with Google Home or Apple’s Siri. Now these companies are teaming up to address this issue according to ZDNet.

Amazon, Apple, and Google have joined a growing list of smart home manufacturers to make sure that new smart lock, smart fridge, and more all work together no matter if you use Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. The goal here is for the companies that make smart locks, for example, to use a standard that would allow it to work with all of the major home assistants.

This is great news for cord cutters, because it means soon the smart devices that work with your iPhone could also be controlled with your Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV on your home TV. Increasingly many are finding their smart homes only work with some of the devices in their home. Now the hope is that they will be able to all work together.

The bad news here is new standards like this won’t take effect overnight. First, the companies have to agree to a standard, which could take years. After that, the companies that manufacture smart locks, for example, have to agree to build the standard into their devices. The good news is help is on the way and soon you will have more control over your smart home.

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