Amazon is Hoping That You Will Do Some Shopping on Your Fire TV

The long-rumored shopping app is coming to the Fire TV. Yesterday a shopping app for the Fire TV showed up in the Amazon store before being quickly taken down. The app had the description “with the Amazon TV app, you will be able to enjoy a lean back shopping experience on the largest screen in your house, using just your Fire TV remote.”

The app was first spotted by They say if you start the app it installs itself as a system app—something only official Amazon apps can do. It also cannot be uninstalled once you install it. This likely means it was a mistake to have this app published and is likely being tested by a few Amazon employees.

Launching the app just leads to it crashing out. Likely it is built for some future version of the Fire TV OS.

Amazon has made it no secret that its goal with the Fire TV and Amazon Video is to try and sell more content. The ability to shop on Amazon seems to fit right in with that goal. This will lineup with Amazon’s recent purchase of rights to stream Thursday night NFL games. Amazon clearly stated that it plans to use the games to sell more NFL gear.

This shopping app will likely make it easy for you to buy what you see on your TV or view pop up ads around live streams such as the Thursday night NFL games.

Amazon has given no timeline for the new shopping app to be made public on the Fire TV.

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