Amazon Just Launched a New Prime Video Explorer Tool

Ever struggle to find something you want to watch? Now Amazon has a tool they hope will help called Prime Video Explorer. This tool asks you to pick movies you enjoy and Amazon will show you other movies with the same attributes.

To find this tool when you are on you just need to look at a movie you are interested in. Now scroll down to just below the section of movies customers also watched and you will find a section that says “explore similar titles.” If you click on that option, you will find the Amazon Prime Movies Explorer. By selecting the movies you enjoy, Amazon will refine the recommendations and make them more customized to you.

As best we can tell the Explorer uses a combination of IMDb data and users feedback to create the recommendations. As with all recommendation systems the more people who use them, the better they become.

Here is what the Amazon Prime Video Explorer looks like:

As best I can tell Amazon is only testing this on their website. So far I was unable to find the Amazon Prime Video Explorer on the Fire TV. (It could be there but our account could just not be a part of the beta.) It is also unknown how widespread this new feature is. It is possible only select Amazon customers have access to it.

Want to test out this new feature? You can test out the Amazon Prime Video Explorer on Amazon’s website HERE.

What do you think of Amazon’s new Prime Video Explorer? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the new Amazon Prime Video Explorer.

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