Amazon May Have Just Discontinued the Fire Stick

Fire Stick1If you want a new Fire TV Stick with a voice remote, don’t go to Amazon. It looks as if the new Fire Stick will be here shortly since the Fire Stick with voice remote has been discontinued on Amazon. You will likely still find it from sellers, such as Walmart or Best Buy, but it seems Amazon has cleared out their stock to make way for the new stick.

We recently reported on the new Fire Stick showing up in FCC filings, and it looks to be a nice jump from the current model. We have also seen Amazon put the Fire TV and Fire Stick on sale to clear out stock. All this leads us to believe we should hear something about new streaming devices from Amazon in the next few weeks.

This was first reported by AFTVnews but since then the Fire TV and the antenna bundle are also out of stock. You cannot even find the Fire Stick with voice remote on the Amazon Fire TV page. The only way to get a Fire TV right now is to get the gaming edition or the older Fire Stick that does not offer a voice remote.

This is typical for many sellers. They want to clear out the old stock before they announce a new device. Once you announce a new device it can be difficult to sell older models.

If you really want a Fire Stick or Fire TV, you can try to grab a refurbished one on Amazon for $39.99 before they sell out.

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