Amazon may try to Steal Apple TV’s Thunder by Announcing New Fire TVs this Week

It is starting to look like Amazon will announce a new Fire TV any minute. Today, Amazon sold out of refurbished Fire TV devices and a few weeks ago they sold out of their regular stock of Fire TV devices.

Even major stores like Walmart, Staples, and Best Buy have sold out of Fire TVs. This all leads to speculation that Amazon may try to steal some the new Apple TV’s spotlight by announcing their new Fire TV device a week early.

This could be a smart move on Amazon’s part, as it would force almost every news story about the new Apple TV to also mention the Fire TV and compare their specs and services. If Amazon does release a device this week it would be a sign of confidence that their new Fire TV can stand up to anything the new Apple TV has.

Only time will tell, but a major company like Amazon does not let one of their bestselling devices be out-of-stock this long without having something new up their sleeve.

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