Amazon Prime Day is Rumored to Begin October 13

Multiple sources with inside knowledge at Amazon have reported that Prime Day will be held on October 13 and 14 this year. Four people have confirmed the rumor and The Verge reported seeing an internal Amazon email that held this information.

With that being said, an Amazon spokesperson still decined to confirm or comment on the date for the big shopping event, simply saying to “Stay tuned for more details on Prime Day,” the spokesperson said. “Customers can also say, ‘Alexa, keep me posted on Prime Day.'”

As more evidence that points to October 13 as the kick off day, Amazon has blacked out any new vacation requests for employess between October 13-20, which would coincide perfefectly with the rumored dates. It’s clear Amazon wants to be fully staffed after last year’s unprecedented worker strike during Prime Day with more than 2,000 employees protesting wages and working conditions.

Amazon Prime Day is usually held in July but this year’s dates got thrown off due to the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon stated that Prime Day would be postponed until the Q4, aka after October 1, which would coincide with this insider information.

We’ll post any updates as they’re released, including the best Prime Day deals on cord cutting devices and more.