Amazon Prime Reaches 200 Million Members

Today, Jeff Bezos shared his final annual letter to shareholders as CEO of Amazon. In the letter, Bezos wrote that Amazon Prime now has over 200 million members.

With Prime Video included with Prime subscriptions, that also means that, while not all members are using the included feature, the streaming service has amassed a huge number of subscribers.

Even if all 200 million Prime members were streaming with Amazon Prime Video, the number of subscribers still wouldn’t top Netflix which has 204 million subscribers worldwide.

Hollywood Reporter notes that Amazon spent $11 billion on video and music content last year, an increase from the $7.8 billion spent the year before. The company has been investing in its video business more lately, releasing major titles like Coming to America which quickly became the most watched title among Nielsen viewers, acquiring rights for upcoming films like Chris Pratt’s Tomorrow War, and signing an agreement for an all-digital package with the NFL.