Amazon Prime Video Has More Movies Than Netflix & Hulu

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If movies are your favorite thing to stream, here’s a tip: Amazon Prime Video has 14,210 of them for you. That’s much more than any of it’s competitors, the next highest being Netflix offering 3,803 movies. This data comes from a recent post by ReelGood.

Hulu is in third place with just 1,437, and the other streaming services are down from there. In addition to blowing competitors out of the water with the number of available movies, Amazon wins both quantity and quality. They feature almost 2,250 movies that are considered popular and have a minimum IMDb rating of 6.0 or higher. Their movie quality almost doubled since last year. Netflix is next in line. 
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Amazon also leads it’s competitors in most TV shows with 2,317 TV shows available. Netflix isn’t too far behind featuring 1,966 TV shows, Hulu has 1,931. HBO Now and Showtime don’t have nearly the options to compare with the top three, and Apple+ will have just 9 original shows available at launch on November 1, 2019.

But who has the highest quality TV shows? Going off shows earning more than 8 stars on IMDb, Hulu wins this competition. Eleven-percent of it’s TV shows are ‘high quality’- 213 shows in total, like The Handmaid’s Tale for example. Netflix comes in a close second with 203 shows rated an 8 or higher, and Amazon comes in third place at 142.

Now let’s get down to money talk. We know the movies and show numbers, but what is the cost comparison? Apple+ will be the least expensive streaming service when it launches at $4.99 a month, followed by Disney+ starting at just $6.99 for the basic package. Some have speculated these low prices will drive competitor’s subscription fees down, but we’ve yet to see anything change.

Monthly streaming cost graph

Which streaming service do you use? Do you value quality over quantity? Let us know in the comments.

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