Amazon Pulls Their Twitch Channel from Roku

Starting today the official Twitch app for streaming players is now a Fire TV exclusive. Amazon, who now owns Twitch, yesterday pulled their Twitch app from the Roku Channel Store. Any Roku owner who already had the Twitch Channel installed on their Roku now gets a warning message saying the app will no longer be updated but that they can still use it.

Amazon has not stated why they pulled the Twitch Channel from Roku players, but Amazon has a history of not offering the Twitch app on a wide range of players.

Currently, there is no official Twitch app on the Apple TV, just a third-party app. There is also no Android TV version, but there is an app for the Nvidia Shield Tablet version. You can use the Chromecast option on devices that support Chromecast, but at this time if you want an app on a streaming player the Fire TV is your only option.

Before Twitch had an official Roku Channel, there was a Twitch third-party Roku Channel. It is possible that a third-party developer will once again release a Twitch Roku Channel. For now, I wouldn’t remove the Twitch Channel on Roku because you may not be able to re-add it.

We have reached out to both Amazon and Roku for comment.

Update: Roku replied to our email to confirm that the channel was removed from the Roku Channel Store.

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