Fire TV 36

Amazon is Rolling Out a Big Update to The Fire TV

Starting last night Amazon started to roll out a major update to the Fire TV. This update includes several big updates and major new features.

So what is new?

Voice Dictation:

Hate typing in passwords? Well now with your Alexa powered remote you can use your voice to type on the screen. This new voice dictation will work with both Amazon services and most 3rd party apps.

Past being a fun easy way to enter text the new voice dictation will make the Fire TV more accessible to those with disabilities.

Thursday Night Football:

Amazon is rolling out as apart of this update new features for live streaming of Thursday Night Football starting next week. They did not say exactly what that includes.

New Fire TV Setup

Now as you set up a new Fire TV you will be offered an option to install apps from a list of 24 apps. If you have used Roku’s setup process you will find this very similar.

Screen Magnifier:

Do you struggle to see smaller texted on your Fire TV? Well, now you can zoom in with the new screen magnifier option.

This new option will help visually impaired users still be able to access their favorite content on the Fire TV.

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  • Cooper McChester

    Magnifier = WOOHOO

    • Daniel Richards

      because simply buying a larger TV or getting GLASSES are to simple a concept, lets put a magnifier on the device when the remote already has far to few buttons to start with.

      • Cooper McChester

        Hmm. when you have Retinitis Pigmentosa, simply buying a bigger TV or “GLASSES” does not do the job.

        • You actually were serious? I thought you were being sarcastic before. Accessibility features are rarely exciting, but they’re essential for the people who need them.

          • Cooper McChester

            Yeah, you should see the hoops I jump through just to use this desktop pc. 24″ monitor… Large text and High contrast turned on.. . It is rough. I will take any edge I can.

      • gwDisqus1712

        The remote has just the right amount of buttons. Besides, this is an on-screen feature that will use existing buttons to operate the magnification.

        • Daniel Richards

          I disagree, it’s short by 2-3 buttons, a VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN button and a power for the TV

      • If you read more details about this ( ), you would see that it’s a new software feature.

  • SpideyRules

    Does any of this apply to the FireTV stick also?

  • MacHead84

    Apple TV 2015

  • jmgnyc

    Ugh, it has ads embedded in with the content in menus you have to navigate past. If I’m scrolling through a list of shows and one of them is actually just a banner add then that’s an absolute deal breaker. They should be ashamed.