Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Are Fighting for Rights to Stream NFL Games

As cord cutting continues to grow, the NFL is hoping to cash in on new streaming rights. Last year Twitter paid $10 million dollars for rights to stream 10 Thursday night NFL games. Now Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube all want to get their hands on some NFL games.

Twitter says an estimated 3.5 million people streamed each Thursday Night NFL game last year. Those are some valuable eyeballs because with live events viewers are far more likely to watch commercials, allowing streaming services to sell high-priced ads against the stream.

Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are also hoping that NFL streaming rights will help grow their services with new viewers. Twitter saw great success in establishing its live streaming service off the back of the NFL streams.

The NFL is not expected to award a winner for a few months, but we may learn more soon. In two weeks the NFL is having a meeting with owners and it is expected that the future of NFL streaming will be discussed.

With the recent dip in ratings, it is likely the NFL will be more aggressive in offering streaming rights.

Source: Recode

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