Amazon Video Closes the Subscriber Gap with Netflix

Amazon Video1Netflix has long been the leader in the United States when it comes to number of people who use their streaming service. Now it looks like, at least with cord cutters, Amazon Video is closing the gap.

According to a recently Cord Cutters News survey of our readers, Netflix is the number 1 streaming service with 80.9% of cord cutters subscribing to their service, 71.9% to Amazon Video, 55.8% use YouTube; and 47.6% use Hulu.

These numbers are similar to a study done last fall by the research group Parks Associates that showed Amazon Video was in second place behind Netflix.

According to CNN, Amazon Prime has over 54 million subscribers—a 35% increase over the same time last year. Netflix last reported to have 75 million subscribers worldwide. (Note: Netflix is available in more countries than Amazon Prime.)

So why is it important that Amazon Prime Video competes with Netflix? The short answer is competition is good for cord cutters. If one service would get so large that they could dictate how the market will behave, we would just be back to what cable companies have now.

It is also important to note how strong Hulu is with cord cutters. The more services that offer options to cord cutters creates more competition and helps grow cord cutting.

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