Amazon Video Just Lowered Their Price Per Episode on Some Older Shows

King of The HIllAmazon has long been known for their $1.99 SD episodes making them a great place to grab an episode for a show you may have missed. Now Amazon has dropped that price on at least some older shows to $0.99 per episode. They have even lowered some seasons of shows down to just $11.99 for 13 episodes.

Yup, you can now go and buy many older shows, such as FOX’s “King of The Hill,” on Amazon for just $0.99, making Amazon Video one of the least expensive places for many shows on the web.

king of the hill 1This sudden drop in price without much notice leaves many questions. Mainly is this just a short-term sale? We reached out to Amazon for comment but at the time of posting they have not responded to our emails.

From what we know it seems that this new $0.99 price is the new permanent price. These shows are not listed on the Amazon Video deal page and have been $0.99 for over a week now.

This new price will help Amazon stand out from the competition yet it is likely that many other services will also move to meet Amazon Video’s new $0.99 per episode price.

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