Amazon Video Starts Testing Ad-Supported Streaming

Amazon PrimeAmazon has long been an ad-free streaming service, but hints of an ad-supported version have been around for some time.

Now we may have an idea of what Amazon is thinking with their ad-supported shows with the addition of The Fashion Fund, a reality show about fashion design. This is Amazon’s first fully ad-supported show—even if you have Prime.

Now we are not talking about a pre- or post-roll ad but multiple commercial breaks lasting a couple of minutes throughout the show.

An Amazon spokeswoman told RE/Cod that Fashion Fund’s ads are an experiment, one of many the company performs on behalf of its customers. “For this Fashion Fund project, we found it to be a very effective way to fund its production,” the spokeswoman said. “The show has strong interest from advertisers.”

The real surprise here is the fact that Prime members have to watch the ads also. Many expect Amazon to release a free ad-supported version of its streaming service, and it still may. Although for now everyone will have to sit through these ads.

There is truth that these shows are not inexpensive to create. Even a relatively inexpensive show like this can still cost millions to produce. So it should be no surprise that Amazon is experimenting with ways to pay for these shows.

Source: TechHive

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