Amazon Wants to Help You Become a Cord Cutter

cutAmazon has long been a huge promoter of online media—from books to music to videos. Now they not only want to promote online media but also cord cutting.

Recently Amazon launched a new site called ChangeTheWayYou.TV as a guide to help you become a cord cutter. Not only does it walk you through the available options (and sell you a Fire TV), but also this site has a nice guide to help you pick a streaming service.


(Warning: Sony PlayStation Vue service price is miss listed on the site. When you subscribe it is still $29.99 but Amazon lists it at $24.99. Possible sale soon?)

Amazon has even gone as far as to allow you to pick your favorite TV networks, and they will show you what apps and streaming services offer their content. This really is a great idea that should help many people become cord cutters.

So why is Amazon promoting cord cutting? Beyond the fact that they see what the future holds, Amazon is the second-largest streaming service in the United States behind only Netflix. Amazon also has a widely popular streaming device in the Fire TV.

ChangeTheWayYou.TV is a classic win-win for cord cutters and Amazon. As more people become cord cutters Amazon gets a bump and cord cutters benefit from more people wanting to offer services to cord cutters.

Source: AFTVnews

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