Amazon Web Services Has Been Causing Issues with Disney+, Ring Doorbells, & More of the Internet Today

Have you noticed that your smart home devices, streaming services, and the internet in general haven’t been working quite right today? It’s not just you. An Amazon server outage has been causing issues across the internet today.

The list of sites and services being affected included Peacock, Ring, Roku, Disney+, Venmo, Chime, Doordash, Zoom, and many more, according to DownDetector. The outage also affected Amazon warehouse and delivery services.

At 9:37 am PST, an hour after the problems were being reported, Amazon shared an update: “We have identified the root cause and are actively working towards recovery.” About an hour later, another update was posted saying that Amazon was “starting to see some signs of recovery. We do not have an ETA for full recovery at this time.”

While some sites and services have recovered from the outage, streaming service and smart home device users are still reporting issues and, as The Verge points out, “the internet is still a bit slower and more unsteady than usual.”