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Amazon is Working On a Service to Take on HBO

Do you love Amazon’s original shows and movies? Amazon is hoping you will love them enough to support a dedicated Amazon channel.

According to recent article in the New York Post Amazon is in the process of working on a dedicated channel to take on HBO by offering premium content.

It is likely that this won’t be a true 24/7 channel but rather an add-on service similar to the current add-ons you can get on Amazon Video. This also wouldn’t be the first Amazon-owned add-on channel. Recently Amazon added an Amazon-owned anime channel.

“In a few years, you’ll see an Amazon channel like HBO,” one in-the-know Amazon employee told The Post. “We’re looking at being a global news and media company. There are key people working on it.”

This new channel seems like it will be a dedicated high-end channel meant to offer the very best Amazon content. Its goal seems to be to offer such high quality content that you will put it on par with HBO.

This may be a sign that Amazon is also working on more original content to fill a dedicated Amazon channel. The only question is what does this mean for Prime subscribers. Will some stay on Amazon Prime or will all of them move over to Amazon’s new channel. Only time will tell.

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