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Amazon’s Fire TV Bundle Deal Ends Tomorrow

Last month Amazon announced a new 3rd generation Fire TV with 4K HDR at just $69.99. To make the Fire TV an even better deal Amazon has been offering a bundle giving you an Echo Dot for just $10 more. With this deal for just $79.99 you can get a Fire TV 3rd gen and an Echo Dot.

If you want this deal you need to hurry, because you need to pre-order the bundle before October 7, 2017, to get it when it is released on October 25, 2017.

The deal does not stop there. You also get a $10 Amazon Video credit if you buy the new Fire TV 3rd gen on pre-order. You can also get an additional $30 of credits for streaming services like Hulu. This makes the Echo Dot bundle look like an even better deal.

If you want in on the Fire TV 3rd gen and Echo Dot bundle you butter hurry as tomorrow is the last day.

The following are some more details about this bundle from Amazon:

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