Amazon’s Fire TV Is Reportedly Expanding into New European Markets

amazon fire stickAccording to a report from Bloomberg, Amazon is planning on expanding the Fire TV into new markets in Europe.

Currently the Fire TV is only officially sold in areas like the United Kingdom and Germany. (You can use the Fire TV in other countries, but some apps and services may not work.) Now Bloomberg says Amazon will detail its plans for a European expansion at a media event next week in Europe.

Cord cutting in Europe has lagged behind what has been happening in the United States. One of the main causes slowing the rate of cord cutting in Europe has been the lack of cord cutting-friendly services like Sling TV and Hulu that Americans regularly enjoy. Now that is changing as more services launch in Europe. Amazon wants to make sure that the Fire TV is the device cord cutters in Europe will use.

Amazon also reportedly wants to make sure it beats its rival Roku to market. Right now, in the United States, Roku is the largest streaming player but Amazon claims to have more active accounts. Amazon has one advantage with the Fire TV being for sale in more countries than Roku. If Amazon is able to beat Roku to market in more countries it will help them expand their lead around the world.

Roku is also reportedly looking at expanding into new markets such as Brazil. Roku’s TV partner TCL has also recently been expanding in Canada.

For now, as cord cutting grows around the world, it will be interesting to see companies like Roku and Amazon race to cash in on cord cutting.

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