Amazon’s Fire TV Recast DVR Now Lets You Record a Show Across Multiple Networks

Last year Amazon released a DVR built for antennas to work with your Fire TV. At launch, the Fire TV Recast DVR was missing several features that have since been quietly added. One of these new features is the ability to record a show across multiple networks.

So, what does recording a show across multiple networks mean? It means you will now be able to not only record Family Guy on Fox but any network that is airing Family Guy.

Here is how Amazon describes the new feature:

You can now record a show on multiple networks or just select one. If you want to record The Big Bang Theory, but it happens to air on multiple channels, you might end up with multiple recordings of the same episode. You’ll now be asked if you want to record on “just CBS” or multiple networks when selecting you shows to record.

This new feature comes after Amazon added the ability to expand the storage of your Fire TV Recast by adding an external hard drive to the USB port. This means you are no longer limited to the storage that comes with your Fire TV Recast.

Do you own a Fire TV Recast DVR? Let us know what you think of the new series recording feature.

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