An Android TV Bug Allowed Users to Access Strangers’ Google Photos Accounts

Earlier this week, an Android TV user on Twitter pointed out how a bug in the Android TV screensaver from Google Assistant would allow you to access random strangers’ Google Photos accounts.

Apparently, when you went to set up Google Photos as your screensaver on the Android TV device it would allow you to click on a linked accounts option. There you would find a long list of random Google users. Clicking on one would set their Google Photos account as the screensaver showing their photos on your Android TV device.

Google quickly disabled this feature on Android TV devices as they investigate what is causing the issue. For now, it seems that this issue has been resolved, but the ability to set up your screensaver through Google Assistant is still not back.

If you want to see how the glitch worked, the original reporter of the glitch posted a video showing what happened when you accessed the linked accounts HERE.

This issue comes just a few weeks after it was learned that through iMessenger on the iPhone people could listen in on someone’s phone without the person accepting a call. Apple also moved quickly disabling the feature that allowed this to happen.

Hopefully, Google quickly finds a way to address this issue.

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