Android TV Shows Up Big at CES


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Android TV had a huge showing at CES. Not only did Nvidia show off the newest version of Android TV 6.0 Marshmallow but RCA, Philips, Sharp, and Sony showed off new TVs running Android TV.

The growth of Android TVs being used by third-party TV manufacturers is a huge boon for not only Google but cord cutting. As more people buy TVs that just also happen to be enabled with a powerful streaming platform it is just that much more likely they will ditch cable TV once they find out how easy streaming is.

With more than a dozen TV models announced for 2016 and more expected by the end of the year Android TV should see strong growth that the platform badly needs. Whereas the Nvidia Shield seems to be doing well both the Razer Forge and Google’s own Nexus player have struggled to gain market share. This glut of new TVs with Android TV built in may be what is needed to bring it the traction Google is hoping for.

The biggest winners here are the end users and cord cutters. As Android TV grows it will attract more services and bring more competition to drive innovation between Roku, Apple, Amazon, and Google. This competition will help drive innovation that in the end helps cord cutters get more and better services.

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