Anker Shows Off Android TV Dongle Coming to its Nebula Brand

Anker, the company that offers a wide, wide variety of electronics, has started showing off a new Android TV-powered streaming device that could be coming later this year. The company’s Japanese Twitter account shared an image and initial details for what it’s calling the Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle, which looks like it’ll fall under the Nebula sub-brand that currently offers a line of portable projectors running off of Android TV.

Details are currently pretty thin, but the available image suggests we’re dealing with a fairly compact streaming device that doesn’t appear to have an attached HDMI “tail” like so many other dongle-style streaming devices like the Chromecast with Google TV or the TiVo Stream 4K.

The tweet does mention the device will support some 7,000 apps and services including YouTube and Netflix. And the pictured remote control also features dedicated hotkeys for those services as well as Prime Video and Disney+.

As for a potential release date, Anker’s tweet mentions a time frame around September, but there’s no word just yet on which markets would be part of that rollout. Given the tweet’s origin, however, it seems likely the device will see a release in Japan at the very least. There’s also no word on a price point. In any case, we’ll keep an eye on Anker’s streaming device plans and update as we learn more.

Featured image: Anker