Antennas Direct ClearStream is CCN Readers’ Favorite Antenna Brand (Cordie Awards 2021)

When we talk about the best ways to watch live, local channels, we always talk about antennas. For many households across the country, an antenna is a great way to access the big five networks—ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, and NBC – as well as many other channels, all for free.

This year, Cord Cutters News readers voted Antenna’s Direct ClearStream as their favorite antenna in the 2021 Cordie Awards. Antennas Direct took 30.9% of the votes, narrowly taking the lead over Mohu at 30.3%. RCA got 19% of the votes, followed by Winegard at 14.7% and Antop at 5%.

If you’re thinking about getting an indoor or outdoor antenna, be sure to do some research to find out which channels will be available in your area and the distance you’ll need your antenna to cover in order to receive those channels.

Antennas Direct can help you find the best antenna for your area, show you options for buying online or at a local retailer, and help you find a reputable installer.