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Apple Adds DIRECTV NOW to Its TV Provider List

Watching TV, Watching, Living Room, Domestic Life, SmilingIt looks like we are getting closer and closer to DIRECTV NOW supporting single sign on support. The recent Apple TV iOS 11 beta update added DIRECTV NOW as a TV provider allowing you to sign in on your iPhone or iPad that is running the most recent iOS 11 beta.

Apple TV’s single sign on is one of the features that help the Apple TV sign out. This feature allows iOS subscribers of services such as DIRECTV NOW to auto log in to all the apps that support DIRECTV NOW. No longer will you need to log in to each individual app. This can save a lot of time when you are rushing to get in to WatchESPN to catch the end of the game.

Sling TV has been on this list for some time on both iOS and the tvOS devices. Now it seems at least on iOS 11 Beta DIRECTV NOW is now supported. Sadly though DIRECTV NOW is only showing up on the newest version of the iOS 11 beta. At the time I write this there is no Apple TV support for DIRECTV NOW and while DIRECTV shows up on the list of supported providers on the Apple support website DIRECTV NOW is still not shown.

Hopefully Apple will continue to roll out support for DIRECTV NOW single sign on and add support for it on the Apple TV in the near future.

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  • mau47

    They have been added in name only along with a hundred other services that are still not supported. Apple added them to let people know the service is not supported. When you actually choose DirecTV Now it pops up a message saying the service isn’t supported and you still have to sign into every app individually.

    • Bryan Esler

      Right. Hulu LIve was added as well. So we’re several cable providers who I doubt will ever support SSO. Being listed won’t mean anything until these companies get smart about new technologies.

      • mau47

        Yeah, I think Apple support probably got a ton of “why isn’t my provider listed” calls/emails etc. so they decided to just add every service and put up the disclaimer.

        I feel like DTVN support will launch with the new platform since they are merging AT&T, Direc TV and Direc TV Now into a single app and Direc TV is already supported by SSO.

        • risingtide

          I think they have the deals to add them. They’re just waiting to support them officially when releasing iOS 11 and the next iPhone, Apple TV in a few weeks.

  • Mike Carver

    It is also supported in the Apple TV tvOS 11 beta. Same as on iOS 11. Of course does not work other then letting you login like with iOS.

  • whomeyeahme

    I can’t find DirecTVNOW in the list of providers. Checked on iphone, ipad and AppleTV. Is it available in the released versions of the OS, or only in the Beta?