Apple Failed To Even Mention Apple TV At WWDC15.

appletv_heroAre you a Apple TV fan and had hoped the rumors of a new Apple TV would come true today? Sadly Apple didn’t even mention Apple TV during their Keynote at WWDC15.

There was also no mention or even hints to a Apple cable killing service. A service that has been long rumored to be announced at WWDC15. A service many rumors said would be a a la cart cable service that would put a end to cable companies monopolies.

The question now is, will this be a classic Apple move where they hold a separate event maybe as quickly as next week to talk about Apple TV? Right now all we can do is guess as apple given no hints as to what they plan for their Apple TV and Apple cable killing service.

What do you think is Apple really coming out with a cable company service? Will there even be a new Apple TV device some time this year?