Apple HomeKit Adds Streaming Device Categories in iOS 14 Update

Apple’s iOS 14 debuted earlier this week, the day after the company’s September product showcase. And among the myriad additions and new features headlining the latest iOS release, Apple reportedly tucked in some new streaming device functionality for its HomeKit app. AppleInsider reported that two new categories have been added to Apple’s HomeKit: one for set top boxes and another for streaming sticks.

Of course, Apple has its own set top device line in the Apple TV, but there’s no in-house streaming stick for sale at the moment to compete against the likes of Roku, Amazon, and others. And while it’s certainly possible Apple could enter that device category on its own, another likely scenario is that the company is paving the way for more integration with third-party manufacturers — just like it’s doing with other categories within the HomeKit ecosystem. HomeKit already supports a number of smart TVs from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sony, for example.

For now though, the appearance of new HomeKit categories hasn’t come with an updated list of supported devices just yet, but you can peek at the current list of supported smart home devices on Apple’s site. In any case, we’ll keep an eye out for any developments as Apple continues to refine and expand its smart home ambitions.

Featured image: Apple