Apple in Talks to Create Original Content

In a report posted by Variety, Apple is in talks with Hollywood executives to create original content similar to Netflix and Amazon.

With all the rumors floating around about an Apple streaming service that has hit road blocks getting rights to different networks, this could be plan B.

If major networks won’t give Apple rights to stream their content then it looks like Apple is going to create their own content. This can only be a win for cord cutters, because more competition and more content is never a bad thing.

Though this could mean we will not see a new Apple streaming service next week at their September 9 press event. We may still see a new Apple TV just without the rumored streaming service.

If Apple fails to bring out a streaming service with the new Apple TV, how will they justify a $200 price tag it?

This is an important moment for the Apple TV team. Recently it was announced that the Apple TV has fallen to fourth in sales behind the Roku, Chromecast, and Fire TV. If Apple wants to see the Apple TV as the bestselling streaming set-top box they need to get it right with their next device before the Roku pulls too far ahead.

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